I warm up my Kindergarten with a big industrial stove. I thought it could work with any pellet, so I bought a cheap one, and it was a disaster: so many reparations till the final break-down and full heating unit substitution.

After such a headache I decided to try Crystal Pellet and  was so much surprised of the impressive increase of performance we obtained: we went through all the next winter without any problem and saved a lot of money with real minimal cleaning. And what a comfort the delivery straight to our garden!

Would you put diesel in your gasoline car engine just because it costs less? I understood with my stove that it is exactly the same: I was buying clear pellet in transparent bag without any technical data or description, thinking any pellet works the same and trying to save few euros per year. Result was a blocked stove in -20°c almost every week-end!

Finally I found Wood Pellet, a real certified EN Plus A1 product and everything changed: zero maintenance in 7 months, what a comfort for my family and what a real saving for my pocket!

It was not for the price, other pellets cost less, it was for the renown quality that I chose Crystal Pellet.

I heard from friends that it works great and I did not wait for winter, took immediately 5 pallets and after 5 days they were all in my garden.

Well done guys, you are at another level!


I thought that white pellet was a warranty for good and performing product. What a mistake! Every day I had to clean my stove and finally I had to call for service to repair it.

After a while I thought that problem could be in the fuel, so I tried Wood Pellet and the change we obtained was simply impressive.

No more "neutral bag" pellet for my family, thanks Wood Pellet, I really recommend it to anyone who wants to sleep peacefully warm in winter.


I tried so many pellets and had so many troubles that I wanted to switch the heating of my home  to heat pump.

Then I tried one bag of Natural Pellet from a friend of mine. And everything changed: super power and clean stove, with a reasonable price, what else could I ask!?

Maybe a bit of discount on my next purchase!   :-P