We'll soon have our online store for easy purchase via web; in the meantime we kindly ask you to contact us (phone or email) to place your order and agree on product, price and delivery date. 


Payment order

By entering the required information about the order, you will be asked to pay by internet bank: when payment is received in our account, the ordered amount of products is automatically reserved and an order confirmation will be sent to your email address, which will include:

1) Call (+371 25 755 180) or write to us (

2) Choose product & quantity: we'll tell you immediately the final quotation (if you have a valid VAT number keep it ready for correct VAT calculation).

3) Select available delivery date with our truck operator.

4) Pay in bank the total amount to CRYSTAL ITG SIA (IBAN: LV53UNLA0050020697854). Executing payment confirms full acceptance of sale & delivery conditions (read below).

5) Get via eMail order confirmation.

6) Receive your product directly at home in the date and time agreed.



Delivery price is calculated for Jelgava region. Any other region will have a custom pricing (call for exact calculations). The delivery price depends on the total order quantity and delivery location.

SIA "Crystal ITG" is entitled to change prices without prior notice. Such changes do not apply to orders placed before changes.



From the time when SIA “Crystal ITG” will receive payment for the order and you will receive the order confirmation by e-mail, delivery will be provided as by date agreed, with a tolerance, in case of unforeseen circumstances, worth 5 business days; in this case we will contact you to inform and agree new delivery date.

Delivery is provided to the specified address from 12:00 to 18:00. At the time of delivery, the recipient must be available at the address indicated. Otherwise, you will be re-delivered and you will be charged an additional invoice for the cost of re-delivery.

If after having agreed on the day of delivery customer changes idea, then no later than two working days before the planned delivery, you must inform SIA "Crystal ITG" by phone or by sending an e-mail to

Picking up pallets from the truck is included in the delivery price. The lifted pallet will be lowered to the ground level at a maximum distance of 5 meters from the truck location, which will do its best to get as close as possible to requested downloading location. For no reason customer can ask disassembling of pallet or longer distance delivery of the lifted pallet.

IMPORTANT: At the time of acceptance of the goods, a transport note must be signed stating that the goods have been received at the indicated address. If the carriage and unloading of the goods are not possible at the indicated address, the transport service provider will unload the goods at the nearest, possible place. 

To ensure delivery of granules: 

  • The access road and gateway must be at least 3 meters wide.
  • The road surface must be stable and rigid, so that a truck with a maximum mass of over 10 tonnes can safely move. During the winter period, the driveway must be cleared from snow and ice
  • Pay attention to the fact that your shipping address is in a place where there is no restrictive road sign that would prevent a vehicle over 10 tonnes from entering the territory
  • When delivering to private residential areas, you must ensure that the truck has a large enough free space to carry out turning maneuvers.
  • If you suspect that during delivery you may encounter difficulties in getting to the landing site or unloading goods, please contact SIA "Crystal ITG" before making an order to consult on possible alternatives of delivery and additional costs that might be incurred.
  • If the truck driver finds that it is not possible to unload the item in the location customer has indicated, then you will be offered alternatives for an additional fee.
  • If you have purchased the item with delivery and, due to the fault or inattention of the buyer, any of the above conditions of delivery and receipt of the goods are not fulfilled or not ensured in order to guarantee a successful delivery, then, in agreement with the buyer, will be repeated under additional costs.


Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal shall be exercised within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. The exercise of the right of withdrawal means the "notification" of the cancellation of the order, that is, the submission of a "notice of refusal" or sending to the trader.

If you wish to cancel the paid order, then, in accordance with the Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Act, Section 2, Section 12, Subparagraph 9, you will cover the direct costs of returning the goods. Direct costs of direct sales are the costs incurred to deliver the goods from the buyer to the seller. In any case If you want to return the item, it must be in the original package, exactly in the same state as you received it.

If you cancel the order at the moment of delivery, then the buyer will cover the return of the goods, which is 150% of the initial delivery price. 

If you cancel the order at the moment when the delivery from SIA "Crystal ITG" or its factories has already taken place, customer will be responsible for delivering the goods to SIA “Crystal ITG” within 14 days and the buyer will cover all transport expenses related to returning the goods.

If you cancel the order at the time when the delivery is not started you will receive 100% money back related to pellet cost, while delivery cost will not be refunded.

Balancing of payments will be performed within 14 days in both cancelation circumstances from reception date of the goods back to SIA “Crystal ITG”.    

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