Crystal ITG SIA has developed this brand new electric scooter gen 2.0, designing it to be the best personal mobility device for green evolution of urban commuting.  Our boosted city scooter comes with 10' wheels for your comfort, detachable genuine Panasonic battery for your ease of use, Intelligent Battery Management System easily driven by Riding Modes from the steering bar menu button for long rides, triple braking system including electronic ABS for your safety, 350 Watt engine for your performance.Nexity X7 and X8 Sonic is essentially the evolution of X7 Sonic moped with double capacity battery, making it great not only for city commuting, but also for long countryside trips. Enjoy your ride at best with a Nexity escooter:

✅  Detachable genuine Panasonic® Li-Ion battery: recharge where you want!
✅  Ride safe and in full comfort with its 10' air wheels and triple braking system (including electronic ABS).
✅  Get far away up to 45 Km distance, climbing any uphill till 15°.
✅  Do not be scared of rain and splashes: IP54 waterproof Certification
✅  Maxime endurance or performance with the unique Riding Mode button: select Beginner/Eco/Sport modes on the ride, activating both max speed combined with the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) by Panasonic®.
✅  Activate Max Speed Limit function to limit your children and/or stick to local rules.

Just compare Nexity Sonic city scooters with main competitors, no lies! Nexity 8 Sonic are lightercharges fasterride longer and are the only with 3 braking systems for your safety and detachable battery for your cosiness.


✅  Battery: 12,8 Ah (460 Wh) for X8 and 6,4 (230 Wh) for X7, genuine Panasonic® removable, rechargeable in stand-alone mode, DC 36V
✅  Engine: electric brushless 350 Watt nominal power (700 Watt peak power)
✅  Cruise control: yes, 3 preset Riding Modes (Beginner, Eco, Sport)
✅  Frame: aviation machined aluminum with embedded silicon
✅  Brakes: triple parallel system (hand leverage, footpad, electronic ABS)
✅  Wheels: 10' air tube pressurized
✅  Lights: Front led, 3 back leds, 3 braking blinking leds
✅  Display: yes, digital data about speed, battery status and riding mode
✅  Battery charger: DC46V/2A
✅  Weight: 15 Kg (x8) and 13 Kg (X7)
✅  Dimensions: mm 1083 x 420 x 1186 (460 when folded)


✅  Autonomy: up to 48 Km (X8) and 25 Km (X7)
✅  Max speed: 32 Km/h. All NexitySonic can be easily limited to run at max 25 or 20 Km/h.
✅  Charging time: 5-7 hours (X8) and 3-4 h (X7)
✅  Maximum uphill: 15°
✅  Maximum load carriable: 100 Kg 
✅  Waterproof: IP54 certification
✅  Folding system: 2 seconds quick-lock plus safety system

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