About Us

Crystal ITG SIA was founded in 2011 to serve Italy (the biggest retail market for pellet in EU) with the highest quality pellet produced in the whole Baltic States from its "slow growth conifer". We grew from delivering 3 trucks in 1st year to more than 700 trucks & containers to both local Resellers and big DIY and food retail chains, such as Brico IO, Conad, Gruppo Tuo, Leroy Merlin, Prealpina and many others.

Key of success has been since the beginning the combination of excellent products with superior delivery service. To do this we personally visited more than 40 factories in 10 different states, selecting to work only with 5 of them, just those with real certifications and serious management.

In 8 years of work we delivered more than 5.000 trucks & containers all over EU: in 2018, following the growing demand of pellet also on local market, we finally decided to begin to serve also our country of origin, Latvia. In order to establish Crystal ITG as the leading Distributor of pellet also in Latvia, we decided to work only with the top quality products in our portfolio, adding our well know competence in delivering products directly into customers' homes.

We strongly believe that also in Latvia customers are understanding that saving few tens of € to buy a not certified product in unknown transparent bags is the sure way to break down stoves spending soon hundred of € in reparations with long winter nights in cold homes. We delivery only high quality pellet: quality has its price and, by experience, it pays back peace of mind, warmer houses and clean and efficient stoves.


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